sink faucet/multifunctional sink faucet

Solving FIVE outlets by ONE faucet only

Multi-function kitchen sink mixer is made by stainless steel material 304 grade, well popular for consumer using for kitchen room, especially for the Nordic countries, detail function as below and welcome to contact us freely for detail product information.

Sink mixer should be connected with Boiled water, purified water/Ice water, cold/hot water

VA approved for silicone tube inside

Outlet 1: Hot water outlet

Outlet 3: 100℃ boiled water outlet

Outlet 5: Mixed water outlet

Sedal brand ceramic cartridge and Fluhs cartridge

KTW approved for inlet flexible hoses;

Neoperl aerator

Outlet  2: Cold water outlet

Outlet 4: Drinking water or 4℃ cold water outlet from water purifier